The first blog

The first blog is the hardest! I have been told by many of my clients that I should blog, because both women and men need to hear what I have to say about health and fitness. Over the years, I have taken all that I have learned through my experience and education and implemented it with my clients with great success.

Women Over 50 and Exercise

I was curious to see what information was on the web for “women over 50 and exercise.”
Specifically, I was looking to see if there was any article that I could relate to. I consider myself a healthy 50+ women who is trying to stay as fit as possible and who wants to increase the number of my healthy years, not years of diseases.

Why I workout at Positively Fit

Liz has been working out at Positively Fit for the past three years, and within the past year made a stronger commitment by having her hair analysis re-done to learn more about what her body needs from the workout. This also meant a stronger commitment to following her eating plan, and she noticed the difference quickly: “I do feel better when I’m eating better; I’m more positive and I have better energy.

A Client’s Perspective on why they exercise at Positively Fit

I’m a sucker for sales techniques. I suppose we all are, to some degree or another—otherwise, nothing would ever get sold. However, some pitches stay with me more than others. For instance, when shopping for a new mattress this past summer, the sales professional reminded me that a good sleeping foundation was an investment.

If getting healthy is on your agenda for 2016 incorporate these healthy habits daily

If getting healthy is on your agenda for 2016 incorporate these healthy habits daily:

Have a Tablespoon of high quality fish oil within 10 minutes of opening your eyes
Always have a high protein breakfast within 30 minutes upon waking
Eat baked, grilled or broiled chicken, fish , beef or pork at Lunch and Dinner
Add lots of high fiber fruit and vegetables to every meal
Eat healthy in between meals snacksa.

A program is only as good as the Assessment/Screening!

An Assessment/Screening is essential for our clients to get the results they desire.
IF a trainer is not doing a complete Assessment/Screening, how can they design a program that will meet the unique goals and needs of their clients? How can a trainer then design a safe and appropriate program?
Everyone has some type of imbalance or problem areas in their bodies that prohibit the body from functioning at its optimal level.

We are the Top 1%

For the past couple of years, I have been concentrating on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), especially as it relates to how stress affects our workouts and how to manage it. Many, many hours of studying and researching led to implementing this strategy that we now call Pulsercise.

Weight Loss and the Challenge of Change

Our personal best: it sounds like something all of us want, right?

Unfortunately, in the world of personal training, I have heard almost every excuse why people can’t do what they need to do to become the best they can be!

It could be that they are very attached to their illness, have an eating disorder, or just can’t seem to put their health at the highest priority.

Testimonial From a Client who is moving

I came to Positively Fit unwell, in pain, and having not exercised in several years. Maryellen slowly guided me back into health, strength, and free movement. She created a unique workout that I could do without pain! I’m feeling 5 years younger and so much healthier!

What a great experience!

Thank you so much, Maryellen.