Anniversary of Opening (22 Years)

Anniversary of Opening (22 Years)


September was a significant month for Positively Fit, marking our twenty-second year of delivering top-notch fitness training to our clients.

In 2001, I began training clients in their homes, collaborating with St. Luke's Hospital's community education programs, managing the fitness center at Pillsbury Foods, and working at various other clubs. The desire to consolidate my efforts into one location led to the opening of Positively Fit in September of that year.

Over the past 22 years, my team of trainers and I have consistently provided our clients with cutting-edge training practices. I invest heavily in education, regularly traveling with Jack, our nutritionist, and my husband, to stay updated on the latest fitness, hormonal, and nutritional advancements. This knowledge is then passed on to our trainers, ensuring our team can continue to offer the best services to our clients.

Reflecting on Positively Fit's 22-year journey, we've had to adapt to our clients' evolving needs. Initially, small group training was our focus, but personal training became the norm over time. We are now witnessing a resurgence of group training with our new Power Plate training.

One of the most significant adjustments we've made involves recognizing how everyone’s physiology responds differently to the stress of exercise. We tailor our training to suit each person's unique physiology and make necessary adjustments based on their response to exercise. We prioritize the well-being of our clients.

Gone are the days of celebrating the "I kicked your butt!" mentality, as we've learned it's not an honorable approach, particularly for our specific clientele: women over 40 dealing with hormonal imbalances in a toxic world with dietary challenges. We understand that as we age, our bodies become more sensitive to sugar and more reactive to stress. Our exercise programs are designed to complement these changes, not exacerbate them.

Our commitment to education and expertise has always set us apart. Many of our trainers have many years of experience. I have been featured in two books, multiple magazines, and recognized as one of the country's top trainers. Additionally, I produced and distributed a stability ball exercise video and served as the strength and conditioning coach at Notre Dame Academy for several seasons, working with various sports teams. I've also trained several volleyball clubs and high school athletes, preparing them for college sports.

Jack's expertise in nutrition perfectly complements our team's skills.

With clients who have remained with us for over 22 years, it's evident that we are doing something right. As long-time client Brenda M. puts it, "Maryellen is well-versed in the latest strength training approaches for women going through midlife hormonal changes. They understand the impact of cardio and other stressors on the body and teach us how to work out to minimize and even reverse the negative effects of stress on the body, considering individual needs."