A program is only as good as the Assessment/Screening

An Assessment/Screening is essential for our clients to get the results they desire.

If a trainer is not doing a complete Assessment/Screening, how can he/she design a program that will meet the unique goals and needs of his/her clients? How can a trainer then design a safe and appropriate program?

Everyone has some type of imbalance or problem area in their bodies that prohibit the body from functioning at its optimal level. If you try to start an exercise program or increase the intensity of your exercise routine before you address these issues, you will only make the imbalances worse, which could ultimately lead to injury.

If you’re an athlete, whether it is a weekend warrior or a high school athlete going for the college scholarship, you will have a decreased in performance and increase in injuries unless the imbalances in your body are corrected and compensated for.

With a proper Assessment/Screening a trainer then can adjust the variables in the client's program. An exercise program should be based entirely on the unique body movements of a client and his/her specific goals.

Benefits of Positively Fits include:

  • Developing a program that optimizes total fitness
  • Targeting the muscle imbalances in length and strength
  • Identifying potential problem areas
  • Referraling to the appropriate professional, if needed
  • Establishing goals and motivation
  • Assessing current fitness level

Most conventional exercise programs are “one size fit all’ programs which could lead to greater aggravations of the imbalances and leave you more vulnerable to injury. Conventional exercise programs are not individualized and do not take into account your unique body movements. This makes it much more difficult, if not impossible, to achieve your total fitness goals.

Whatever your training goals may be, injury prevention is a major component to your success.

According to an article in the IDEA Fitness Journal (Jan 2010) only five to ten percent of trainers are actually integrating this type of assessment/screening.

Positively Fit trainers have been doing an Assessment/Screening for 15+ years!

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