Buddy Training

Have fun working out with a friend or in a group!

Positively Fit is not just a one-on-one personal training facility -- we offer a Buddy System workout where you can train with a friend, in a group, or be paired with someone new! Our groups work hard but they have fun too, and in the end, we’re all about a supportive wellness community where clients can share their fitness journey and forge lifelong friendships!

You’ll still receive individual attention from our certified personal trainer so it doesn’t matter if you are at a different stage in your wellness plan. The best part is your trainer will be with you every step of the way, but you’ll be charged a more affordable rate with our group discount!

Benefits of Positively Fit’s Buddy Training include:

  • Partners who understand what you’re going through and can support and motivate you
  • Greater focus in each workout as you will be more motivated with someone exercising right beside you
  • Better adherence to your workout schedule as members who are involved in a buddy or group exercise program are more likely to stick with it
  • Less expense thanks to Buddy Training’s generous group discounts

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