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Maryellen Grogan

Founder, Certified Personal Trainer

Maryellen is a nationally recognized fitness trainer with expertise in training the unique physiology of an individual. She meticulously educates her trainers and strives to find the most balanced workout routines with her clients. She’s eager to share any information she can with the fitness community.


Jack Grogan

Certified Nutritionist

Jack Grogan is a certified nutritionist who has studied extensively in the fields of biology, biochemistry and nutrition. Jack has been a consultant in the human nutrition industry for more than 30 years. He is the owner of Nutri-Health in Lambertville, MI

He uses his vast knowledge of nutritional balancing and hair tissue mineral analysis as a tool to aid in helping his clients achieve and maintain optimal health.

He acts as a consultant to numerous physicians, chiropractors, trainers, naturopaths and nutritionists.


Kim Christie

Certified Personal Trainer

Kim started working as a trainer in large group classes. She moved into personal training and training smaller groups. Thanks to the energy Kim puts into her individual training, her clients have seen impressive results!


Lisa Zsigray

Certified Personal Trainer

Lisa embarked on her fitness career in 1987 teaching group fitness classes. In 1991, she became a certified personal trainer. Her vast fitness knowledge and philosophy of “Train smarter, not harder” are critical in guiding her clients to achieve healthier lifestyles.

Why Positively Fit?

We’re a team of health and fitness aficionados with over 40 years of exercise and nutritional expertise that helps women who are entering menopause, in the midst of it, or past it feel good and look great. We train for the long haul and make sure our clients are able to progress, recover, and diet with lasting results! From customized training programs to nutrition planning, we provide our clients with clear, consistent strategies that just work!

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