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Positively Fit helps clients like YOU lose weight and get fit!


Customized Training Programs

Get an exercise program that is unique to your body, fitness goals, and workout preferences.

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Women Over 40

To achieve optimal health and fitness you will need to incorporate proper nutrition, effective training, adequate recovery, hormonal balance and daily stress management into your lifestyle. These factors become even more important after the age of 40

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Buddy Training

Positively Fit is not just one-on-one personal training – we have many options to fit your needs. Want to work out with a friend and still have that personal experience?

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Nutrition Programs

Shedding body fat and staying healthy is easy with a customized nutrition plan from our certified nutritionist.

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Fitness Plan for Women Maumee

Your time is precious

End the guessing game and find out what works!

Positively Fit was founded in 2001 by Maryellen Grogan. After several years training in several clubs and in client’s homes, Maryellen opened Positively Fit to consolidate her clients to one place.

Positively Fit is unique since it is a husband and wife team working together to assure their clients receive the most up to date cutting-edge science based nutrition and exercise guidelines. Maryellen’s husband, Jack Grogan the owner of Nutri-Health, has been a certified nutritionist for well over 40 years and the two together have achieved superior results with their clients.

This is not a “one size fits all” program. Everyone is unique so your nutritional and fitness needs will be tailored made for you!

You will be working with the most attentive and professional staff in the area. You won’t find a more qualified and knowledgeable team in the Toledo Ohio area!


Introducing our newest program

Power Plate!

Power Plate is a certified, medical-grade device that utilizes whole body harmonic vibrations to ensure a safe, fun, and effective workout. Thanks to its adjustable vibration frequency which moves between 25 to 50 times per second, Power Plate can be used to perform an array of workouts to increase muscle, decrease body fat, enhance flexibility, and improve core stability. Our 30-minute small group classes provide every participant with an individual Power Plate Machine and we offer one-on-one training, too!

Nutritional Program Toledo


See what clients who used to be just like you

Have to say!

Even though I have lost more than 70 pounds, my doctor is more impressed with the fact that I have gone from 35% body fat to 23%. My doctor is also pleased with the improvement in my overall body strength.

Ray Y.

I have only lost 4lbs on the scale, but I have gone from a size 12 to a size 6/8! I have put on muscle which has helped me improved my Triathlon times by minutes! I now place top 4 in all the triathlons I participate in!

Cristy S.

I have lost 15 pounds, I am more flexible, I sleep better since I have been working out on the Power Plate at Positively Fit

Jason M.