Stress comes from many forms

Stress comes from many forms


Stress comes in many forms. Environmental, toxic burden, internal and interpersonal stressor, physical including exercise and diet. To limit the negative effects of stress we all should practice, stress lowering strategies on a daily basis.

Exercise only to where your body can adapt to the stress of your exercise session. Do not over train

Positive self talk

Restful sleep 7-10 hours a night

Eat a healthy diet void of the foods you might be reacting to such as: dairy, processed foods and whole grains, just to name a few.

Say "No"

Employ rhythmic breathing

Listen to calming music such as Theta brain wave music or classical music

Keep things simple

Get a regular massage

Use the Power Plate at Positively Fit to rejuvenate and to lower the stress hormone cortisol

These are only a few of the many ways in which you can lower your response to stress. There are many nutritional products such as Taurine that can help your body stay calm. It takes a very concerted effort to avoid stressful situations and to help your physiology to calm down. Some of us are just “wired” or our physiology is super sensitive to stress and we might react 10-100 times more to a stressful situation then the person next to us. You can get a Hair Mineral Analysis to determine how your body reacts to stress and how to handle it better. Call Nutri Health at 734-856-9199 if you want more information on the Hair Mineral Analysis