Fabulous and Fit After 50

Fabulous and Fit After 50


Power Plate Exercise
The Ideal exercise for men and women over 50

Exercising on the Power Plate is an ideal way to exercise as we age. Power Plate is the world’s leader in Whole- Body Vibration technology. Leading scientists and fitness experts have collected more than 40 years of extensive research on the benefits of Whole-body vibration technology.

One recent study looked at older adults who couldn’t perform conventional exercises as well as they used to. One group used the whole-body vibrating platform, while another group used regular strength training.

  • Researches compared each group’s ability to perform daily activities (such as standing up from a chair, climbing stairs, and maintaining balance. The group using the vibrating platform scored a 50% higher improvement than the group that strength trained.
  • Even better, the group using the platform improved the speed of their reaction time (the other group showed no improvement). This is important because reaction time is crucial in the preventing of falls. In fact, another study found older women who used the platform dramatically reduced their incidence of falls!
  • The Power Plate really shines in building bones. Here’s how…

  • Many of your muscles, are attached to bone. So, when the platforms’ vibrations contract your muscles, they are gently torqueing your bones, stimulating your bone-building cells (called osteoblasts) to lay down new bone tissue.
  • (This also makes your bones mor flexible and less likely to fracture.)

  • In another study, women who exercise on a whole-body vibration platform increased their hip bone density! In contrast, the other women in the study who performed strength training exercises only slowed their bone loss- they didn’t reverse it. (Most other types of exercise won’t either such as; Pilates, yoga, walking to name a few)
    Here’s another benefit you’ll love…
  • You will become more flexible.

    People of all ages can reap tremendous health and fitness benefits from even the most modest of efforts- because the Power Plate does most of the work for you!