Why I workout at Positively Fit

Liz has been working out at Positively Fit for the past three years, and within the past year made a stronger commitment by having her hair analysis re-done to learn more about what her body needs from the workout. This also meant a stronger commitment to following her eating plan, and she noticed the difference quickly: “I do feel better when I’m eating better; I’m more positive and I have better energy. As weird as it sounds, I notice I feel more emotional when I’m not eating well” and it can be harder to maintain a good mood.

Since she has also belonged to area gyms in the past, she explains the difference at Positively Fit as “more of a challenge; you can go to a regular gym and get on the elliptical and your body quickly adjusts to it. When I work out with Kim, instead, she teaches me something different each time, so I notice more of a difference.” One area in particular Liz has noticed is the increase in muscle tone and definition she had after just a few months of Positively Fit workouts, compared to all her time working out at other gyms.

However, she finds the most surprising benefit to be her increased energy level after getting back on track with eating and working out according to her body’s needs. “I don’t feel like I need a nap right after work, but I can come home and get right into the rest of my day instead.” She also enjoys how much more confident she feels with her body as a result of being stronger and leaner.

In the end, she appreciates the one-on-one approach. “I feel like I’ve learned so much. It’s amazing to work out with someone who can tell you exactly why what you are doing is good for you and how to keep improving.”

Why I Do It: Bonnie

Bonnie has been working out at Positively Fit since 2010 and is a regular member of the 6 AM workout group. She also keeps up with the hair analysis and supplements, which she sees as the biggest draw Positively Fit offers: “they’re concerned not just with working out, but with the whole package—it’s the nutrition, the supplements, the movement and the proper techniques” that set the gym apart from others.

What makes her get up at such an early hour, week after week? “It’s actually helping me to move! If I wasn’t working out and part of Positively Fit, I would be in a lot of pain from arthritis and migraines.” Being part of the morning group, she says, “helps me focus on my day, have more energy, and it calms me down at the same time” in order to meet the stressors of her day.

Like other members of Positively Fit, Bonnie has seen the benefits in so many ways: “I’m amazed at the results mentally, physically and emotionally.”