I am writing to heavily endorse Positively Fit in Maumee as the best and most intelligent fitness venue I’ve ever attended. I have been active all of my life (you’ll have to guess my age), some athletics included, and the best results I have achieved has been at Positively Fit. They are personally oriented and will diligently work with each individual’s needs, with safety and progress at the forefront; in other words they’re not crazy like many highly advertised gyms. My main focus has been personal training with the Power Plate, a high tech platform device that produces great results without injury; you really won’t believe it unless you try it. Power Plate also helped with the healing of a fracture that occurred a year ago today in an auto accident; might sound hard to believe but x-rays and improved bone density scans showed the results. Their staff is professional and energetic, and they want you to achieve (Kim is the trainer I work with and she is the best I’ve known.) I’m not prone to endorsements, so this is a rarity. My orthopedist and other acquaintances have seen the results and remarked. Positively fit will be money well spent on your health and fitness.