Why can’t I start in an advance class since I have been training intensively for several years?

October 4th, 2018

Whole Body Vibration Training is an unconventional form of training. As with any type of sports or physical exertion, you will have to allow your body to get used to a new type of workout. This is why we have scheduled several “beginner” classes.

The goal of any training program is to train within your training threshold … training hard enough to cause a response and not training too hard to cause a detrimental effect. You If you are highly trained then you will move more quickly through the classes than an untrained individual. Positively Fit has created a schedule of different classes that ensures you adapt to the stimulus before you move on to a more intense class. Rest assured, you will receive benefits in all of the Power Plate classes at Positively Fit.

We understand though that we need to stimulate our bodies constantly by increasing the intensity of the training or the efficiency of your workout will diminish in time. Therefore, Positively Fit has programmed more intense workouts for this reason.