I don’t like to exercise and never did, but I do like my sessions on the Power Plate and I actually look forward to them

My chiropractor said, "This is the strongest I have seen you. Obviously, the Power Plate is a good match for you." I only have had 15 sessions on the Power Plate at Positively Fit.

I am more flexible; my energy is up and I am stronger

Quick and relatively easy workout…30 minutes workout where the vibrations greatly enhance the effects/pretty much do the work for ya! Effects?? More muscle, smaller clothing size, lower blood pressure, increased energy and I am more flexible then I have ever been.

Plus the end of the constant low back pain that I have lived with…try it , you’ll like it!

Maryellen was training me- Kim was slacking at home eating Christies Candies and watching movies about horses.

Maryellen didn’t say “want to do?” she says “lets’ try something, I just want to see.”

She has me do back rows on the cable machine. I haven’t been off the plate for about 5 months… and to my surprise (but not Maryellen’s) I was easily able to pull 20 lbs more then I have done previously. Yeah Plate! The plate strengthened me!

“Now I just want to try something” Maryellen says. She instructs me to do a squat- a deep squat; I could never get into this deep of a squat before plate training.

“It works! Ladies and gentlemen”

I am writing to heavily endorse Positively Fit in Maumee as the best and most intelligent fitness venue I’ve ever attended. I have been active all of my life (you’ll have to guess my age), some athletics included, and the best results I have achieved has been at Positively Fit. They are personally oriented and will diligently work with each individual’s needs, with safety and progress at the forefront; in other words they’re not crazy like many highly advertised gyms. My main focus has been personal training with the Power Plate, a high tech platform device that produces great results without injury; you really won’t believe it unless you try it. Power Plate also helped with the healing of a fracture that occurred a year ago today in an auto accident; might sound hard to believe but x-rays and improved bone density scans showed the results. Their staff is professional and energetic, and they want you to achieve (Kim is the trainer I work with and she is the best I’ve known.) I’m not prone to endorsements, so this is a rarity. My orthopedist and other acquaintances have seen the results and remarked. Positively fit will be money well spent on your health and fitness.

For the past year, my strength training workouts have been on the Power Plate two times per week. I have gained muscle mass, developed muscle tone in areas I was unable to develop through years of workouts (abs, inner thighs to name two), improved my balance, gained confidence, and rejuvenated my body through deep tissue massage. I’ve worked with knowledgeable, professional and inspiring trainers. The benefits continue and so will I!

For years my husband and I go to Park City, Utah, to ski. This year was different. Usually I cannot complete a run without my legs burning, hurting and having to rest. This year I skied for three days without resting and no burning and pain in my legs! My husband even said my skiing technique was better! I contribute this to my Power Plate workouts for the past few months."

I have only lost four pounds on the scale, but I have gone from a size 12 to a size 6/8! I have put on muscle which has helped me improved my Triathlon times by minutes! I now place top four in all the triathlons I participate in!”

Positively Fit helped to completely transform not only my outward appearance but also how I feel about myself. ”

Two years ago, I didn’t think I would be physically fit again. Age and arthritis had caught up with me and I could no longer run, walk for miles, or dance like I used to. A friend led me to Positively Fit and between Maryellen and her trainers, I feel 100% better. I learned to begin the day with a healthy breakfast, especially a generous helping of protein, instead of the banana and cereal that I usually ate. Maryellen and her trainers taught me to work out with weights and the fitness ball as well as training machines and other equipment. I slowly began to build muscle, to gain strength and energy and now I feel trim, firm and healthy. The atmosphere in the gym is warm and accepting. Everyone seems to enjoy the sessions and working out together. This is the best thing I have done for myself in many years.”

Maryellen is one of the pioneers in her area regarding being a fitness leader. She is passionate about reaching the community with her fitness message and goes out of her way to participate in corporate and community events where she can lecture and lead exercise sessions. She is committed to spread the fitness truth to consumers and runs her business with a high level of professionalism. She cares about her customers and forms a joint responsibility in coaching them towards seeing and feeling significant fitness results.”

All my adult life I have been working out in a gym three times a week until I hired a trainer at Positively Fit. Now I only work out two times a week, (shorter sessions too) and I have never looked so good! The trainers at Positively Fit all train with the unique individual in mind. Exercises unique to my physiology combined with nutrition (Jack Grogan C.N. – Nutri-Health) has put me in the best physical fitness of my life.”

Even though I have lost more than 70 pounds, my doctor is more impressed with the fact that I have gone from 35% body fat to 23%. My doctor is also pleased with the improvement in my overall body strength."

The best decision I made for my health was calling up Positively Fit. Maryellen and her cheerful crew of trainers foster an atmosphere of sound science, encouragement, compassion and an occasional kick in the pants when needed.”

I have been a runner for more than 25 years and running was always my go-to way to feel good. Something began to go wrong, however, and I began feeling worse and worse, even with a gentle run. The Team at Positively Fit has brought me back to life again. Yes, that sounds melodramatic, but the physical and psychological renewal from their support, expertise and encouragement has been exactly that for me: dramatic. I feel as though I now have the stronger, calmer happier version of myself back! I can move without pain again! The team knew I needed to be handled with care, so my heart rate was carefully monitored and the exercises chosen specifically for my type of stress”

My experience working out with Maryellen at Positively Fit has been life changing. Maryellen’s knowledge and commitment to fitness far surpassed my expectations. The fitness programs she created for me are challenging yet fun. Maryellen has been totally focused on helping me achieve my fitness goals. I intend to continue my training with Positively Fit and recommend them to anyone serious about fitness.”